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Echoes of the Soul Marriage Counseling assist couples, families and individuals in restoring trust, love, intimacy, passion and compatibility.  Echoes of the Soul Individual Counseling enhance the client's understanding, clarify thoughts, issues or  statements including  past and present incidents influencing your life choices. We assist you in releasing internalized pain and anguish.


Together we unravel and break chains of confusion, torment and suffering, while exposing the catalyst and cause  of most inward and outward conflicts.  We offer resolutions and empowering communication skills.  Visit our about page and find out more. We are most affordable compared to others. Yet our personal service compares to none.



We schedule a free phone consultation to determine the type of services needed as well as clarify the service we are able to provide.  

Take advantage of the free consultation click on the strip above.  Share the immediate concern that you are facing.  Leave your desired time, and call back number.
We Offer
 Family, Couple, Prenuptial, Individual and Marriage Counseling. Life Coaching for all ages.  Spiritual Counseling offered and non-denominational biblical studies.
  •            Meet Our Counselors!
Verna Dudley, M.F.T., PhD. & Clifton Dudley


Verna holds a Master Degree in Individual, Marital, Family Counseling & Christian Counseling.  She holds a Doctorate Degree in Theology.  The Arthur of "Divine Right To  Choose"

     Clifton Is a Certified Life Coach & Advisor

"The success of Experiencing individuals, couples and married couples restoring their intimacy, passion and achieving conflict resolutions is more rewarding than we could ever imagine.  We enjoy watching the children blossom and the family becoming a functional unit.  Witnessing the deliverance, wholeness, and peace of heart and mind as the end result of our assistance is an awesome feeling of accomplishment," says Dr. Verna.

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