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Marriage & Relationship Review

I initially contacted Dr Verna to help with marriage counseling. I have been to several therapists over my 50 plus years for a variety of reasons. I had been frustrated with the way counseling is handled through insurance companies. Counselors move to a different practice, leaving me to start with a new therapists. An hour never seemed like enough time with previous counselors. Then we found Dr. Verna and her husband working as a team. This was perfect for our situation.


Ours was very complicated. Blended family issues, mental illness and violence from stepson, damage from parent alienation..... the list goes on. Frankly, it was quite a mess. We had all been scarred. We were not thriving. We had a lot of open wounds.

Dr. Verna got right to the heart of the matter. She could see that we often needed more than an hour and made sure that we had more time if needed, 2 hours sometimes. It was so helpful to not be cut off due to the "clock"ticking in a crucial moment.

We are still in the process of family counseling.


WE are still working through some important issues and will continue until we have healed. Paying out of pocket (not going through insurance) has saved us both time and money. As I mentioned, I have been through therapy before. I have made more progress in a shorter amount of time than the traditional route. Dr. Verna and her husband have been a life saver for our family.


A, D, and S  2019

This lady is a gift from God. Her wisdom and patience has thought me so much and helped me to sort through in getting clarity in my life and enhancing understanding of areas where I need growth. She is equipping me how to live life while doing so in the right order. She is selfless, compassionate and always used reality with facts and God's truth. I have not experienced a counselor like her. Dr. Verna also points me back to the main source and will correct me where correction is needed. I feel humbled by having her guide me in growing through life. While I am transitioning from a lot of major areas in my life, that seemed impossible when walking in, now start to feel more and more like a gift. Each session is like opening new presents and being able to see clear who I am and who I am made to be. I would highly encourage her to anyone in any ares of your life couple, individual or family.
Rianne S. 2017
My husband and I have enjoyed working with the team at Echoes of The Soul counseling. There many great things to say about them, but the one thing that I enjoyed most was the quality of work. They are thoughtful before asking or answering questions that might be delicate. They are respectful and professional and I highly recommend their services for counseling needs of couples, families and individuals alike. I have had other counselors in the past, but Echoes of the Soul far exceeds them all!   R & K 2018

Dahlia M. 2020


I never been with a counselor before. When I looked up for one, I searched online and called three different counselors .Dr. Verna was the only person who called me back within 15 minutes. God blessed me with Dr. Verna and Coach Dudley and chose them to help me to get through the most difficult time in my life. They are very professional. I felt very in peace when I were with them. They showed me different kind of love and support. I recommend them for every one looking for a counselor.


Marriage and Relationship Counseling

We just started counseling with her. It has been very positive experience for me. When I texted her, I was desperate. She texted me back right away with very touching text that I felt she knew what I am going through without meeting her. She helped me understand why this is happening. I feel like she is my mentor who helps me go through this difficult time. Without knowing I learned how to deal with conflict which even helped me at my work. First, I had a negative image about counseling, but now I think I should have went earlier so I wouldn’t be in this situation right now. 

Koaka 2019

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