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Marriage & Relationship Review

Nicole M.  2023

Marriage and Relationship Counseling

I have had, and continue to have the most informative and focused counseling sessions. Dr. Verna and Councilor are very in tuned with my needs and are genuinely concerned with my emotional well being. Not only do they listen to me, they recognize the underlying thoughts when i speak. I feel comfortable telling them my feelings. They are empathetic and compassionate. I look forward to continuing my healing journey with them. I’m thankful to have them in my life.

Echoes of the Soul Counselor & Life Coach's reply

Thanks for your review. Nevertheless, remember that the journey has been successful because of your determination and strength. The Dudleys.

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Meaghan C.  2023

Marriage and Relationship Counseling

Dr. Verna and Coach have helped my marriage tremendously giving us specific steps and techniques that are unique to our needs. They are punctual, always there for support and have great communication skills (and senses of humor to add!). I would recommend them to anyone looking to better their relationship with their partner and strengthen your bond with your spouse.

Echoes of the Soul Counselor & Life Coach's reply

Thank you for your wonderful review 😊. We looked forward to working with you as a team.

Marisol M.  (2023)  5 Stars

Therapy and Counseling

Dr. Verna is by far the most loving and helpful person I’ve had the privilege and trust in meeting when assisting with my overall mental health. She has helped me get stronger mentally and learning self love and having set goals. She has helped my children as well still a work in progress like everything nothing gets fixed in a day. Having experience with other therapist for myself and my children I didn’t feel the love, care, and FULL attention and dedication both she and her husband put in my family. For that reason I stopped plus not being able to get appointments on time was frustrating so I gave up. But after time especially with covid things got so unbearable I wanted my home and family back in order. Both she and her husband gave me the hope I needed to fight for just that. Unfortunately they don’t take insurance but they’re worth every penny and I feel because of that reason they work much harder in making sure you’re ok. I rather pay for peace of mind than feeling like another number because “ insurance covers it”


Dahlia M. 2024


I never been with a counselor before. When I looked up for one, I searched online and called three different counselors .Dr. Verna was the only person who called me back within 15 minutes. God blessed me with Dr. Verna and Coach Dudley and chose them to help me to get through the most difficult time in my life. They are very professional. I felt very in peace when I were with them. They showed me different kind of love and support. I recommend them for every one looking for a counselor.


Marriage and Relationship Counseling

We just started counseling with her. It has been very positive experience for me. When I texted her, I was desperate. She texted me back right away with very touching text that I felt she knew what I am going through without meeting her. She helped me understand why this is happening. I feel like she is my mentor who helps me go through this difficult time. Without knowing I learned how to deal with conflict which even helped me at my work. First, I had a negative image about counseling, but now I think I should have went earlier so I wouldn’t be in this situation right now. 

Koaka 2024

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